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The saying ‘Nice Guys’ Finish Last, was originally coined as baseball commentary to describe a team ending up in last place in the league, but has transcended sports and become a common phrase in dating, romance, and everyday life. It’s often used as an excuse for rude or dishonest behavior and a reason why some men feel they get ghosted on dates.  But let’s take a moment to take a deep dive into the age-old saying and figure out who is really responsible for ‘Nice Guys’ finishing last.

Are women really asking for Ciar’s Prayer but only pursuing men who are known for running the street? Has the City Girl takeover made it hard for ‘Nice Guys’ to find love. Should more men stop being like Russel Wilson and take a page out of Future’s Book of Toxicity?

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On a recent episode of the Small Doses podcast, your favorite truth telling comedian, Amanda Seales, gives her thoughts on the trope of ‘Nice Guys’ and whether or not they are actually finishing last in the world of romance, love, and everyday life.

While some may lay blame on women for their dating choices, Seales challenges the thought by questioning why being nice should deserve applause when it’s really the bare minimum




But Seales doesn’t stop there, in the full episode she reveals the truth behind why ‘Nice Guys’ are finishing last and breaks it down to a multitude of factors ranging from specific personal characteristics that turn women off, the side effects of choosing the wrong guy, and how patriarchy has set men up to fail.

But that’s not all, Amanda also gets into the tropes about ‘Good Girls’ and ‘City Girls’ too. Listen to the full episode on your favorite podcast player or visit the Urban One Podcast Network to learn more.

Listen to the full episode of Small Doses: Side Effects of Side Nice Guys here.

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