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Dutch road sign: entrance to controlled parking zone for permit-holders only

Source: Bjoern Wylezich / Getty

Are you handicapped and tired of losing your parking spot right in front your house? If you are looking to get a residential parking permit sign placed on your street, we’ve got your back!

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The PPA has released a set of steps to take to set up a residential parking permit to make your designated parking spot a safe space.

Warning sign at a disabled bay warning that only permit holders can use it.

Source: Stephen Barnes / Getty

In order to get a residential parking permit sign placed on your street, here are the following steps you need to take:

  • Visit Philadelphia’s permit office located on 35 N. 8th Street to receive a petition packet.
  • Once your petition is complete, you are required to receive signatures of approval from at least 60% of your block’s residents (If your block has 100 residents, you need at least 60 signatures).
  • Take the signed petition packet and give it to your councilperson.
  • Once approved, the petition will be sent to the permit team.
  • The permit team will come out and install the appropriate signage in front of your property.

Need help along the way? Feel free to reach out to the Philadelphia Parking Authority on social media [CLICK HERE] or reach out to them via their website at 


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