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Sol Chyld

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Sol ChYld has been emerging as an artist to keep an eye this year. Sol ChYld stopped by the station to talking to Queen Yaszy B about her coming of age in music, early inspirations, and what’s to come.

A Camden, New Jersey native, Sol ChYld has been gotten her early musical influences dating all the way back to her Jr. High school days in creative performing and arts school.

“I started writing in 7th grade. Going into High school I joined a poetry group. From spoken word, I started to dabble on top of beats when I got to college. (I) Sounded terrible, I ain’t know how to stay on beat” Sol ChYld said jokingly. “But practicing and really putting my best foot forward — really helped out a lot. So going into 2019 is when I was like ‘Yeah I want to make music now'”

Sol ChYld is also a producer, making a trio out of her songwriting ability, and vocal talent, to become a one-woman band, literally. She accredits her curiosity to always stay engaged in different things, being labeled as a ‘jack of all trades’ by her peers at a young age. “They would come to me (for help), I was lighting technician, sound tech — and that just ended up following me” Sol ChYld explained. “Whatever I would take interest in creatively, I would just throw myself to it.”

Thrusting herself fully into her artistry, Sol ChYld has been non-stop at her craft which is starting to yield results from her hard work.Her recent song ‘NBC’ has gotten viral attention as the song has gotten over a million hits on TikTok, being remixed by thousands of users.

Check out her song ‘NBC’

Sol ChYld plans to preview a new single ‘Choice’ Friday October 6th. Following that will be her EP ‘Something Came To Me’, which is expected to be released late October or early November. “I was going to name the album ‘Nothing Came To Me’ at first, But I’m like ‘Nah, I can’t do that'” Sol ChYld said. “I’m an extreme believer in manifesting so it has to be ‘Something Came To Me'”

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