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DJ Crazy

Source: Deion Allen / R1

DJ Crazy, also known as ‘Mr. Shake Dhat’, has been trailblazing a name for himself and his artistry. The dancing, producing DJ is spearheading the resurgence of club music, making it mainstream and not just subjected to the club or a ‘house party’.

Baltimore born, Philly raised, with heavy influences due to his time spent in New Jersey, DJ Crazy has a varietal mix of influences of whom he’s studied during his coming of age. His early influences start from Baltimore, as his family were big name DJ’s in the area. He grew up around family influences, his cousin DJ D-Wiz, and his uncle DJ Peppy gave him the guidance he needed to follow suit and get behind the turntables. “I was a youngboul and was able to see all of that, you feel me?” DJ Crazy said. “(I seen) my uncle and them become what they is today. Legends of Baltimore when it comes to club music”

With club music comes dancing, and DJ Crazy was no stranger to moving his feet. He bought his Baltimore bop to Philly and mixed it in with the popular ‘tangin’ dance to add to his arsenal of dance moves. He then spent some time in New Jersey were he cultivated his style of music and dance in the area before bringing his talents back to Philly to showcase his talents globally.

DJ Crazy credits the Philly Goats for creating the Hip Shake dance and says that he was just responsible for cultivating the ‘wave’ by helping them gain a platform to receive national attention with their songs “Philly Shake’ and ‘Shake Dhat’. The Dance has gone viral, making it’s way around the world. From everyday people using TikTok, to famous A-List celebrities such as Beyoncé and Usher incorporating the dance into their choreography.

DJ Crazy says he plans to take advantage of this momentum and make a statement with this album. He told DNA that he is putting final touches on his album-ready project, and he intends to be a household name by the time it’s all said and done.

My next album is called ‘Shake Dhat Music. (This album) is a statement to show the world that this not no TikTok moment, y’all done let us in the door now” DJ Crazy said. “In France, England, all they do is Shake Dhat music is all they doing. So my next album is to show the world, that this is just not no moment”

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