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It’s National Make Your Bed Day and a solemn National Day of Remembrance for 9/11. Amanda Seales shares her exciting highlights from her recent trip to the US Open, offering a glimpse into the world of professional tennis. The episode also delves into the political arena, exploring whether President Biden can ride a “boring” image to re-election and inviting listeners to name the most exciting presidents in history.

With engaging segments like 60 Second Headlines, the Big Up/Let Down, and Small Doses, the show keeps you entertained and informed. You’ll discover which rapper disrespected the legendary Big Daddy Kane and whether RICO charges are going too far. The Word of the Day and a look at NYC politicians saying the darndest things add a dash of humor and insight.

It’s time to Listen, Laugh and Learn with the Amanda Seales Show!




It’s time to Listen, Learn, and Laugh!

5:05 Can President Biden Ride Boring to Re-election?

10:06 Name our Most Exciting Presidents.

12:54 60 Second Headlines

16:14 We’ll go to the phonelines… #IsR&BDead

18:33 Happy Birthday Taraji P. Henson! Also coming up we’ll Celebrate Coco Gauff on her Grand Slam Victory!

21:52 Amanda goes to the US Open.

26:14 Shout Out to Coco Gauff!

28:56 The Big Up/Let Down – Big Up to Coco Gauff’s Security… Find out why.

33:40 We’ll go back to the phone lines… #Bottlewars

36:49 Commemorating 9/11

38:52 Are These Rico Charges Going Too Far?  #CopCity #Protestors

42:27 What Rapper Disrespected Big Daddy Kane? #Hijack

46:52 Small Doses… The Side Effects of Parking Lot Pimpin!

50:51 We’ll go to the phone lines.. #WouldYouDateACriminal

55:03 Word of the Day.

57:54 NYC Politicians Say the Darndest Things… Mayor Eric Adams said what about migrants coming to his city.





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