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Source: John Greim / Getty

The Reading Terminal Market has been a historic landmark in Philadelphia for over 100 years. Bringing the city’s most cultured cheesesteak, antique arts and crafts, and mom and pop shop specialty stores.


Source: ED JONES / Getty

As thousands of people roam the famous indoor farmers market daily, it is very possible to potentially meet the love of your life, at the Reading Terminal Market. That was the case for this 60-year couple.

Earl and Ruth Alderfer took a trip down memory lane, visiting the place that is near and dear to their hearts. They met at the reading terminal in the 1950’s and have been married ever since. “We’ve been married 67 years,” Earl Alderfer told 6abc. “and we met here in Reading Terminal Market. We saw each other from across the aisle.”

Both of their families operated stands in the Reading Terminal Market in the 1950’s and attraction grew as they took long gazes at each other on a daily basis. Mr. Alderfer finally made his move on Ruth, using the families prep time as the perfect opportunity to work his magic.

“One day he noticed this cute, young girl at a neighboring stand,” says their son, Joel Alderfer. “My mom’s dad’s stand was across the avenue from my dad’s father’s stand. There was a hot water spigot out back where the vendors got hot water to clean up their stands. That’s where Mom said they would meet.”

With the perfect plot, the story went onto have a storybook ending as Earl and Ruth created five beautiful kids that produced them nine grandkids.