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As you start to fulfill your life’s purpose every now and again you will question if you are on the right path doing the right thing! God will always send you signs, you can be like the man trapped in his attic waiting for rescue from the rising tide who igonored God’s attempt to help him or you can be like be the nobleman whose son was sick in Capernaum, who believed in the sign from God and his son was healed. I received a letter from a survior, which is my sign from God, I am doing the right thing!

Dear Ms. Mo’Shay,

“I can’t say my name out of fear that I’ll be located. I want to thank you for being a voice against domestic violence. For two longs years I was a victim. I was raped in everyway possible. I was beaten with pipes, then they were inserted into my private parts, sometimes even as my baby stood there screaming. I beg you to continue telling women to please get away and get help. This was four years ago for me, but, I had an angel, who lived on my block, while washing his car about 4:00 am came to my aide, when he heard my baby and I screaming. He came into my home claimed me as his God daughter then gave my ex-boyfriend 3 minutes to disappear. He relocated me the next day with no strings attached. I thank God for him everyday because my own father wouldn’t help me. Lady B calls him Mr Joe. Please send a special thanks out to him. I haven’t seen him since. Please ask Lady B too. We need more men like him”

Signed Survivor

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