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Aspiring DJs, pay attention: DJ Damage is setting the bar extremely high. After receiving his first set of turntables from his mother at the age of twelve, the unstoppable go-getter has hit the ground running ever since. At twenty-years-old, DJ Damage has already accomplished what many people twice his age could only dream of.

Currently the youngest on-air mixer in the nation, you can catch him spinning live week nights on 100.3 the Beat’s popular “Kendra G Show.” You can also hear DJ Damage amp up the “Friday Knockout Show” on Temple University’s student run radio station W.HI.P. or witness him holding down the hottest parties on college campuses and clubs throughout the country. He’s been cosigned by legendary DJs: Drama, Omega, Jay-Ski, Touchtone among others, pegged the “Hottest DJ in the Hood” and is self-proclaimed “King of Temple University.”

With his growing popularity, DJ Damage’s success thus far is remarkable due to the challenges he’s been able to overcome along the way. Adopted at three months by his lovely mother, Adrienne Stokes, DJ Damage (born Abdul-Quddas Muhammad) was raised in the rough environment of North Philadelphia. Growing up, Damage and his brother FESE were inspired by the work of Will Smith (the Fresh Prince) and DJ Jazzy Jeff. But while FESE set-out to be a rapper, Damage struggled to find his way at first. In 2004, when his family underwent financial hardship, he resorted to selling drugs to help make ends meet. He quickly learned it was not the route for him and began honing his skills on the one’s and two’s.

In middle school Damage linked up with classmate DJ Young Shizz who helped teach him the basics of DJing. Soon after– at only thirteen– Damage was creating quite a buzz throughout the city; winning over skeptical high-school crowds, packing basement parties on weekends and all the while making considerable amounts of money. Today, he prides himself on being an original. Unlike many of his peers, he does not rely on pre-mixed songs and mp3 players, but uses his sharp musical ear, great song selection and timing to keep the crowd moving.

Enrolled at Temple University as a Broadcasting Telecommunications and Mass Media major, Damage somehow manages to maintain a 3.0 GPA while keeping up with his demanding career. “I never thought success would come easy,” he says, crediting his hard-working mother for instilling a strong work ethic in him. When he’s not putting it down on the turntables, the business-minded DJ is building his brand online. He communicates with fans through blogging, videos and his web series “The Damage Report.” He is also CEO of entertainment group Stay-Wit-It Ent and recently started a crew called Da Skratch Addictz with local DJs Amir and Macky.

Never missing a beat, Damage he is gearing up for the “Kollateral Damage” tour where he’ll be DJing live at over twenty colleges; with performances from artist such as Meek Millz, Wiz Khalifa and Wale. In the future, an ambitious Damage hopes to broaden his career as a radio show host and give back by starting a non-profit after school program teaching young people media technology.

Humble, yet hungry, the young DJ stays grounded despite his many achievements and constantly strives to take his career to the next level. Armed with a winning personality, driven nature and poised for greatness, it’s safe to assume the best is yet to come for DJ Damage, just stay tuned!