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Amanda Seales GMA

Source: Amanda Seales GMA / Amanda Seales GMA

Amanda Seales is making her way across every television, podcast, radio, and blog page!

Today Amanda Seales sat with Good Morning America and talked about her “Smart, Funny & Black” comedy tour, which will be in Brooklyn this month

“The Amanda Seales Show is coming to Reach Media and Radio One and it’s my own platform where I get to be my full Amanda self and for those that have been following me on social media for quite some time, know that means they are going to get authenticity, jokes, hard news with a soft landing, and I think its overdue, that I get a space to be my full self, but supported by a machine. So it’s really been great working with Reach Media. You’ll be able to hear the show first in Philadelphia on 100.3 WRNB, but then you can also listen on Podcast.

Watch the full interview below!