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Starting today visitors to TheUrbanDaily.com can enjoy content from the full site on their mobile devices!

The Urban Daily Mobile is optimized to deliver what’s hot online, on the airwaves, on TV, in the theaters and on the streets directly to your phone. Follow the news throughout the day, not just when you’re near a computer. Easy to read, fast and informative. Check it out by pointing your mobile browser to http://www.theurbandaily.com <http://www.theurbandaily.com&gt; .

Key features:

· Latest news headlines

· Full stories with related photos and story links

· Tools to share with friends via email, Facebook and Twitter

The mobile version  of TheUrbanDaily is compatible with most smart phone browsers including iPhone, Android, Webbit, Palm, Samsung, Nokia and severral Blackberries (Storm, Touch & 9800).  Articles appear with their titles, image and a brief summary.

So the next time you have to leave your computer you can take TheUrbanDaily.com with you!

Feel free to submit any questions or problems in the “Feedback” form on the mobile version.