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Usher is reveling in his new roles as father and mentor (to singer Justin Bieber). In an interview with USA Today, Usher gets candid about his kids, too:

Usher is, predictably, effusive discussing his sons, Usher Raymond V, 2, and Naviyd, 1.

“Life can weigh you down, but children pump blood back into your heart. Their innocence gives you a reason to be open-minded, and they reignite your love for life.”

The kids adore music,

“to the point that Usher (V) harasses me and everyone around us to play his favorite song of mine — it’s More, the first song he ever saw me perform. I’d really rather he become a lawyer or accountant, but he may be talented. He’ll just find his way, and I’ll be supportive.”

Usher shares custody with the boys’ mother, stylist Tameka Foster, whom he divorced last year, on amicable terms.

“I took a woman’s hand in marriage, and unfortunately it didn’t work out. But it’s damaging when (parents) don’t work together.

“My life isn’t the typical one, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be a traditional father, in my own way. My tradition is loving, being available for my kids. I didn’t have that from my father, so having it will give them greater potential.”

Asked about whether he’s dating, Usher smiles and says,

“I’m very single.” He’s not opposed to getting married again, “but I’m in no rush. I want to make sure that I really know what I’m getting into. If someone is out there, I’ll find her and we’ll make it in time.”

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