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Lil Uzi Vert at #BirthdayBashATL2017

Source: / ATLPics.Net

Lil Uzi explained they don’t like birthdays after a video circulated showing them looking miserable.

“Everytime I have a bday dinner I reflect on my past and it makes me sad,” Lil Uzi revealed. Fans encouraged them to blow out their cake candles, Uzi responded, “How?” They then were told to make a wish to which they responded, “I don’t wish.”

Uzi told fans, “I don’t know why it’s just like that hug I never had ….. i be so excited in my head but be scared 2 show it crazy man ….thank you for loving me for me y’all hate my bday lollll”  

Lil Uzi did put on a big smile after their girlfriend, JT of the City Girls, gifted them a Maybach truck and a motorbike.

How do you feel about birthdays? Do you hate them or love them?