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Kendrick Lamar Vanity Fair cover

Source: Annie Leibovitz / Courtesy of Vanity Fair

Kendrick Lamar recently revealed what he wants his legacy to be and how he sees his impact affecting the world.

Kendrick said, “Really just an impact to inspire people and always showing them that the duality of life is not such a bad thing.”

He continued, “We go through so many volatile situations where we don’t really know how to connect or communicate how we feel so through my music, I wanna make sure that’s the legacy; showing people how to communicate and it’s OK, you know if you’re not perfect. It’s about accepting the beauty of imperfection.”

He added, “Do you, be yourself and make sure you love being yourself. It’s gonna be roadblocks, there’s gonna be tribulations but always remember this is a life experience. Accept the experience, appreciate the experience and learn how to move on from things that don’t serve you well. And find your journey, respect your journey and love it.”

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