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Fivio Foreign

Source: Colombia Records / Colombia Records

Fivio Foreign was on the Million Dollarz Worth of Game podcast with Gillie and Wallo.

In the late 2010’s Fivio says he signed a contract with Ma$e and was paid a $5,000 signing bonus.

Fivio says there were no lawyers involved so he just signed the contract.

Fivio says Ma$e pretended to point out specifics in the fine print of his contract.

He is STILL signed to Ma$e today.

When Ma$e asked Fivio what he wanted he said he wanted a song with G Herbo. Ma$e never delivered.

Fivio has a song with G Herbo in the works that he secured himself.

Is it hypocritical of Ma$e to sign Fivio to a bad deal knowing what happened to him at Bad Boy or should Fivio have known better?