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Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

Source: (Photo by Taylor Hill/WireImage) / (Photo by Taylor Hill/WireImage)

Kim Kardashian is responding to Kanye West on social media.

Kanye definitely chose violence when he posted first thing Friday morning about their daughter North being on TikTok all while taking a shot at Kim by saying this is ‘his first divorce.’

Kim responded back in a length post.

Kanye’s constant need for attacking me in interviews and on social media is actually more hurtful than any TikTok North might create

I am doing the best to protect our daughter while also allowing her to express her creativity in the medium she wishes with adult supervision.

Divorce is difficult enough on our children and Kanye’s obsession with trying to control and manipulate our situation so negatively and publicly is only causing further pain for all.

I wish to handle all matters regarding our children privately and hopefully he can finally respond to the third attorney he has had in the last year to resolve any issues amicably.