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Jim Jones

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Jim Jones just broke the internet after being a little too honest in a recent interview.

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The 45-year-old rapper discussed his connection with his mother during his appearance on a podcast and said that she is responsible for educating him about sex education.

The interviewer later asked him what has his mom taught him about sex.

The Harlem rapper revealed his mother, Nancy Jones (aka Mama Jones), taught him how to tongue kiss by actually kissing him.

“My mom taught me how to kiss when I was younger,” he disclosed.

“There weren’t no instructions, she showed me with her mouth,” Capo replied.

Jones further explained that Mama Jones had him when she was 17 years old, so to him, it wasn’t unusual for them to have such a close bond.

The Dipset member added that it’s common for younger mothers to treat their daughters or sons like they are their sister or brother rather than their child due to their closeness in age.

We don’t know Jim, you may be alone with this one! Do you think Jim Jones has a point?

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