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Source: Ice Cube/Cubevision / Cubevision

Cinema Mogul Ice Cube is receiving a lot of backlash on Twitter from fans accusing him of underpaying Friday co-stars after Faizon Love reveals he was underpaid.

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Love, who is best known for his role as Big Worm, spoke about how the original film only paid him $2,500 in a recent interview.

“They wanted to give me a scale of two. Right, the scale was $2,500. So that was $5,000. It wasn’t enough to justify the money,” said Love.

Love never returned to the franchise but later went on to do the untouchables for $100,000.

Cube responded to Faizon’s claims on Twitter writing, “I didn’t rob no f***ing body. The 1995 Friday movie cost $2.3m to make. Shot it in 20 days. Fazion worked one day, maybe 2. All the actors got paid scale to do the movie. They could’ve said no, but they didn’t. So miss me with that s***.”

Fans also accused the N.W.A rapper of short-changing comedian, Chris Tucker for his role in the 90s classic. However, Tucker has yet to respond to claims.

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