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Long Lines For COVID-19 Testing

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

The spike of COVID cases are insane in New Jersey!

New Jersey reported more than 20,000 new COVID-19 cases in just one day on Wednesday and thousands more than record before.

The amount of people who are hospitalized also grew to their highest levels in almost a year. As reported by NBC10 Philadelphia, “Hospitalizations were nearly 3,300 with two facilities still not reporting, up 10% from Tuesday and the most since early January.

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New Jersey, Philadelphia’s neighboring state, posted 20,483 new PCR-confirmed cases, plus an almost additional 6,600 cases, most likely due to positive antigen tests.

Also stated by NBC10, “That’s nearly double what the state reported Tuesday and about 25% higher than the “old” record set on Christmas Day. Before the omicron variant hit the state this month, New Jersey had never topped even 7,000 positive tests in a day.”

We are faced with a very harsh and uncertain time. Stay safe tristate.

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