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We’ve all heard of driving while black, but have you ever heard of flying while black?

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Unfortunately, rapper Meek Mill can attest to this after he and his crew were racially profiled while boarding a private jet from New York.

The Dreams and Nightmares rapper said one flight attendant approached him and his friends about smoking weed shortly after boarding the plane.

Meek shared the entire experience on Instagram, where the crew member is caught saying he smelled weed.

In the video, Meek addresses smoking accusations stating, “You acting real racist right now, like really crazy, ‘must be smoking weed.

The rapper then asks to be allowed off of the flight because he felt unsafe.

It’s unclear whether the rapper ended up staying on the flight or booking other transportation, however Meek later tweeted, “I need to get a plane from NYC to ATL tonight we can rent!”

Hopefully, Meek was able to get to his destination safetly.

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