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YouTube celeb Omar Carrasquillo aka “Omi in a Hellcat”, was arrested from his home early Tuesday morning and is now facing some serious years in jail. After being investigated for two years, a 69-page indictment details that Omni ran one of the largest illegal TV pirating rings they had ever seen.

Omi in a Hellcat is New Jersey native influencer, known for his million followers, luxury and high end cars, expensive jewelry and huge mansions. As Omni’s riches grew, so did his following and after five years, he was considered a YouTube sensation.

Omi In A Hellcat Mansion Robbed, $920,00 Cash, Safe & Jewelry Stolen

The Department of Justice has  announced that if convicted, Carrasquillo faces a maximum possible sentence of 514 years in prison.

Legally know as Bill Omar Carrasquillo, the 34-year-old influencer is charged with copyright infringement, fraud and tax evasion.

Omi says, “I don’t think I ever did anything wrong. Obviously, I was running businesses wide open in the public. Now, we are going to have our day in court.”

“You are saying you are completely innocent of those charges?” asked by a Fox 29 News Reporter, . “Not completely innocent would be a false statement. Ignorance is no excuse for the law,” said Carrasquillo.

The arrest of Carrasquillo was live-streamed by his followers on social media and Omi says that he was exploiting what he called a “grey area” in the law.

“I found a loophole, I ran through it and I did great. There is other colleagues in the same business I was in and they never got in trouble with the FBI,” he added.

As reported by Fox 29, “The government confiscated dozens of properties around Philadelphia and more than 50 vehicles, including a $205,000 Bentley, a $140,000 Tesla and a $233,000 Rolls Royce. 

Facing decades in prison, the former drug dealer from North Philly turned millionaire says he’s already moved on to other business ventures while his case goes through the system”.

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