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Fantasia’s daughter, Keziah was born prematurely in May.

Baby Keziah is finally home.

Fantasia posted a photo and captioned it Welcome Home Keziah.

“Thank You So Much for making me Cry Lol!!!” she wrote in an InstaStory, thanking brand @yardypartydesigns. “My Baby Deserved it because she kicked the NICU BUTT”

Fantasia made an announcement that Keziah was born prematurely on May 24 and that she was fighting to be 100% healthy to come home.

Fantasia wrote, “The Wife of A King, the Mother of Two Kings and Two Queens. With it all comes A Fight and Strength like No Other. Out of every one of these Blessings I have named has also come a major Testimony. Keziah was born a little too early but she is a fighter just like her Mother. When you see the words Strength, Determined, Perseverance, and Unbreakable think of Fantasia Monique Taylor.”