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Sometimes you’ve just got to laugh at some the insanity that occurs in everyday life, and that’s where our new “Silly Ass News” segment comes in! Allow the fam Angie Ange to make sense of it all while also giving you a few laughs to get your day started with.


Now we know a lot of you have been seeing these PPP loan fraud cases, but this report we recently found really takes the cake. For one Houston man, in addition to being charged with six counts of PPP loan fraud, he also went as far as to claim his innocence because he believed he had the right to sell them. Why you asked? Well, this smart guy felt like it was in fact a “small business” and he had full reign to do what he wanted with it. Adding on to the hilarity, once the man saw the original article on the Houston Chronicle, he doubled down on the silliness by retweeting it and writing as a caption, “And I bonded out with the same money.”

Yo, no comment…just peep his original tweet below so you can see that some things just can’t be made up:

In other silly stories, a six-foot alligator chased patrons through a Wendy’s parking lot — what else do you expect from Florida! — and a Maryland man’s car bursted into flames after embers from his lit cigarette caught on to his hand sanitizer and completely totaled his car. Thankfully he’s okay, but he’ll definitely need a new whip. Oh, and a fresh pack of Marlboro Lights.

Get your dose of SAN with Angie Ange below, and make sure you don’t get eaten by an alligator or mix sanitizer with your cigs today. Stay safe!


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