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The Morning Hustle is always happy to have Lore’l come through with “The Lo Down,” and the latest headlines to make it in her report are sure to keep you all well-versed on what’s going down in our culture.


Supermodel Naomi Campbell welcomed a baby girl recently without anyone even knowing she was expecting, leaving many to wonder whether she had a surrogate delivery. Of course, natural birth or not, Naomi choosing motherhood at 50 years old is both inspiring and a beautiful sight to see. Congrats, queen!

Now normally it’s frowned upon to perpetuate drama, but we couldn’t ignore outspoken media personality Van Lathan ripping a new one into actor Michael Rapaport even if we wanted to. While joining Lathan’s podcast he co-hosts with former The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay called Higher Learning — talk about ironic! — Rapaport was called out explicitly for making a mockery of Black culture in a way by constantly posting fight videos and other moments that don’t show Black people in the best of light. The full episode is definitely worth watching if you want complete context, but we’ll just say Van Lathan has a very good point.

Finally in a report we wrote about yesterday, disgraced podcaster Joe Budden — he also was a rapper at some point — issued an apology to media personality Olivia Dope after her claims of sexual harassment aimed against him. While The Morning Hustle‘s on-air hosts were quick to note that he more than likely didn’t write this apology himself, the fact that Joe Budden even issued one instead of being defensive and argumentative like he usually is can be seen as progression. We guess.

Check out “The Lo Down” with Lore’l on The Morning Hustle below to get the full scoop:

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