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Saw: Spiral

Source: Brooke Palmer / Lionsgate

In a week we’re finally going to see Chris Rock delve into the horror genre when he tries to take down a Jigsaw copycat in the Saw franchise spinoff, Spiral.

But before we get back into the world of games and puzzles that can cost you your life, we’re getting a quick sneak peak at what awaits us come May 14th. In this opening scene we watch as a crooked cop falls into a trap set by the Jigsaw copycat who puts him in a tongue tying contraption in a train tunnel with the next ride just minutes away from barreling down on his person. His crime? Lying on the witness stand multiple times to put innocent people in prison. The only way he gets to live is if he uses his body weight to willingly rip out his tongue.

Yeah, y’all could tell Chris Rock executive-produced this joint.

What follows is a bloody result that the Saw franchise has been known to provide over the years. We deadass can’t wait to see this one. Hopefully the Black guy lives at the end of it.

Check out the preview clip to Spiral: Book of Saw below and let us know if you’ll be checking for this when it drops on May 14th.

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