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Future x Meek Mill At Mr. Jones

Source: Kenneth Dapaah / Kenneth Dapaah

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that at one point started out as a reddit and social media joke.

As some joked about its value and compared it to never being like Bitcoin, others bought in on stock platforms such as Robinhood and are seeing huge profit returns.

The face and engineer of Tesla, Elon Musk was one figure from the beginning who always supported, twetted and backed Dogecoin.

Much public anticipation has grown around Doge as, Elon Musk is expected to host Saturday Night Live, this coming Saturday on May 8th.

Dogecoin has been steadily making a lot of noise in the streets, as are the wallets of Dogecoin investors.

Starting at less than 0.01 cent in the beginning of 2021, nobody expected it to reach .60 cents, four mouths later. In fact, data analytics made projections that Dogecoin would be lucky to reach .02 cents by the end of the year.

Meek Mill is now hopping on the Dogecoin, “to the moon” bandwagon where he drops $50,000 in Dogecoin.