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Since the pandemic, Blueface has decided to utilize his platform by creating an OnlyFans account, adding to the list of celebrities who have an account.

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Source: Kevin Rawls / Radio One Houston

The Thotiana rapper has decided to host a pleathora of models in his blue camouflage mansion, insinuate drama in order for these baddies in bikinis to duke it out. In an elimination format that starts from 16 girls, Blueface has made what seems to be a homemade spinoff of the reality TV show Bad Girls Club.

Savay, one of the women feature in Blueface’s BGC has taken to social media to make her relationship ties with the Bleed it rapper public. “Blue is everybody’s f**king boyfriend — my boyfriend — Emily’s boyfriend, that n***a is for everybody!”

It was not long until Blueface put those rumors to rest with a simple post on his Instagram story. Letting his fans know that he has no ties to Savay and she has “dropped out” of his reality show spinoff.

This hasn’t been the first time Blueface’s name was claimed unofficially by a female associate. Blueface’s artist Chrisean Rock, had a very similar situation, also getting her start in the industry by starring in his BGC spinoff.

Chrisean Rock signed a deal under Blueface LLC last year. Being the first female artist Blueface signed, he presented Rock a nice diamond necklace and coined her “The first lady of Blueface LLC”.

Chrisean responded by getting a tattoo of his name on the side of her face, and also claimed she was pregnant by the rapper shortly after signing a contract with him.

Blueface was not a fan of the tattoo and told her she shouldn’t have gotten it.

So far, no reports of a Blueface baby on the way.