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Social Media is in a frenzy after Las Vegas adult entertainer @Beel0ove took to Instagram to blast Usher for receiving fake money for her services.

Usually when celebs walk in the strip club, they spend lots of money. So after a long shift dancing for her regular customers, I could only imagine she would be twice as excited to be dancing for Usher, in hopes to receive a husky charitable donation. But when Ms. Love went to count up all of her bills at the end of the night, she realized the money she got was fake. What looked like US dollars, had Usher’s face posing president style on the paper.

She asked her lady followers “What would you do if you danced all night for Usher and he threw this??”.Multiple comments included: “Sue him neowww” “Blast his cheap a**” “Oh hell nawwww” agreeing with Ms. Love that her services were warranted real money.

Usher took to Instagram a week prior a picture with a suitcase full of his fake money, but nobody expected he would really use this money in the strip club!

Wasn’t long until the story received national attention. You know once social media gets a hold of something joke worthy, the trolling never stops. Fans on twitter took the opportunity to jab at the Confessions artist and his new currency: “Usher bucks”or “Ushbucks”

Usher has yet to respond and we do not know if Ms. Love is expected to sue.