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Drake was peacefully enjoying a night out on the town, minding his business, when a famous social media comedian spotted Drake and decided to take advantage of the opportunity at hand to create some spontaneous content.

While Drake was ordering a drink, TravQue interrupted him in the middle of his order and told the bartender to get him 2,000 cases of Drake’s whiskey brand Virginia Black, 40 cases of rum, and three cases of Tequila.

After this humongous order, TravQue confidently told the bartender to put it in on Drake’s tab.

As Drake looked at this man in complete shock, he continued to validate to the bartender why he should be picking up the tab. “You know his this is right? This is Drake! This is Toronto himself! The 6God!”

At this point Drake was fed up. You can vividly see the frustration in his face as he told the comedian to “Relax bro… the f***?!”

Assuming that this was just a spontaneous opportunity for the comedian to create some quick content to go viral, we do not know if the order was actually placed and if Drake actually covered the tab.

By the look on his face, if I had to take an educated guess, I would say I doubt he paid for it.