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Women and children of all ages are being senselessly killed from the guerrilla warfare going on in Tigray. More than two million people have been affected by this war, either losing their lives or their homes and relocating to a safer destination.

Although the Prime Minister of Ethiopia claims that no civilians have been killed, Tigrayan forces have been accused of the senseless murders and human rights abuses.

In an unsuccessful effort to rid the revolt in an estimated three months time, innocent families have suffered. Federal troops have set up shop in Ethiopia to try to bring the country back to normal, with surprise attacks on federal army bases.

Grammy Award winning artist The Weeknd, has Ethiopian ties and has decided to help fund the cause.

In a a 2015 interview, The Weeknd told Rolling Stone That his first language was Amharic and that his grandmother would have him partake in the services at the Ethopian Oxford church in Canada.

Using his vocal talent to partake in the ethiopian hymns, his musical influence came from Ethiopian singer Aster Aweke.

The funds donated by the Weeknd will be used to provide 2 million meals for those experiencing homelessness through the United Nations’ World Food Program.

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