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The Delaware County Juvenille Detention Center in Lima, Pennsylvania is now closed and being investigated after reports of abuse of children from authorities. Kids from the ages of 10-18 have been knowingly abused and mistreated for years,

According to WHYY, Numerous cases of physical abuse have been reported by whistleblowers inside the detention center. Stating coworkers are committing heinous acts then bragging about such violence to their coworkers.

Along with physical abuse, some kids of certain ethnicities and cultures received mental abuse as well; From being called “the N word”, unequal treatment to kids who do not primarily speak english, to wrongfully removing a hijab from a child’s head.

This type of abuse has stripped the confidence of kids to speak against their abusers for the sake of being unheard and punished even further by the abuser for trying to make their voices heard.

County President Judge Kevin Kelly has ordered the Delco detention center to be vacated and investigated.

This story will be updated as details emerge.

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