This is an interesting episode of the Mina’s House Podcast. In episode 164, Mina SayWhat, Garnett Briscoe and Dexter Stuckey talk to Mir Fontane, Mir Pesos and Wayne Campbell about Cardi B’s “Up” sounding a lot like their song “Stuck.” Wayne produced the song and Mir Fontane and Pesos recorded the song. They talk about the session they did together in April of 2020 that ended up being their song “Stuck,” which they performed for months and ultimately released the video preview on August 6th followed by the full video on September 15th.  Cardi B previewed her song “Up” on Megan Thee Stallions live on August 7th before releasing her whole song on February 5th. Subscribe to our youtube channel HERE Follow us on socials @MinasHousePod #MinasHousePodcast



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