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Cardi B is getting to the shmoney in 2021! Its only been two weeks since the start of the new year and she’s already making major money moves!

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The 28-year-old rapper recently landed her first lead role in the Paramount’s upcoming comedy, Assisted Living. 

Okay, we have to admit, we’re  not here for the title of the film, but the description is giving us major Big Momma House vibes.

The film follows Cardi’s character Amber, a crook, who has to hide out from the cops and her former gang by disguising herself as an elderly woman after a heist goes wrong.

The ‘WAP’ superstar has yet to release any comments about her new role, but we’re hearing that this isn’t her only upcoming role.

Cardi will also be starring in F9 the next installment of the Fast & Furious franchise.

No word on when the film will be released, but we’ll definitely be checking the film out.

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