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Another day, another social media challenge. This time around, the ladies are using their curves to spell out words. Here’s how. Snap a picture of yourself standing in a side profile. The outline of your butt and legs will for the letter “P”. With the typing feature on Instagram, write “eriod” onto the photo to spell the word period.

That’s the #PeriodChallenge.

Why this became a challenge, I’m not sure. In any case, the size of your bubble is the difference between a slender “P” or a bold-print “P”. For women who are more endowed in the bust area, they’ve  been using their breasts to spell “mood”. Whatever word you decide to spell, the internet has created yet another challenge that has us all occupied.

Today Lizzo joined in on the fun by posting a photo for the #PeriodChallenge. In her Instagram post she wrote, “Everyone has permission to unfollow me bruh omggg 😫 no Facetune hoe ayeeeee”


Lizzo is obviously very proud of her bold-print “P”! Some women are posting their natural curves, while others are using editing apps like FaceTune to accentuate their curves. Lala Milan hopped on the challenge with an obviously enhanced rear.

I’m not sure why, but this challenge has me tickled. I’m interested to see who else joins in over the next couple of days. We haven’t witnessed any men participate, but I’m sure they’re not far behind. This can get can get interesting. What do you think? Are you amused by the “period challenge”?


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