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Jaden or Jaden Smith, as he likes to be called when he’s acting, is back with the third installment of his “Cool Tape” series.

In a recent interview, the 22-year-old said “Cool Tape Volume 3” is a prequel to 2017’s SYRE and 2019’s ERYS.

“So it’s kind of taking place when I’m like 15, going all the way up until 17,” he said. “How did SYRE get trapped in the sunset? How did all that happen? Why did it happen? Where’s your friends? Where’s everybody else? Tell us the story before you get trapped in this Inception purgatory,” Jaden explained.

CTV3 features Justin Bieber (Falling For You)and Raury (Endless Summer) and includes previously released tracks, “Cabin Fever” and “Rainbow Bap.”