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The famous Y7 Hot Yoga studio is facing criticism for playing Hip-Hop music in its studios however the access for marginalized communities is limited.

The studio issued a statement last Thursday (June 25) on their Instagram page writing, “The appropriation of hip hop culture and Black culture on our branding, the inadequate representation in leadership and clientele and the for-profit use of hip hop music in the class experience when inauthentically played by instructors — we acknowledge this and take responsibility for this problematic co-opting that has continued for far too long. We are deeply, empathetically sorry.”

Many fans of Y7 felt the studio had done a lot for black people. One member asked the studio to keep the music the way it is and applauded them for their diversity, “This makes me sad. I love Y7 but so many of these things you seem to feel pressured to change are what has made it such a great place to embrace my practice authentically as a POC.”