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Belly, The Weeknd

Source: Xilla Valentine / No Kable Productions

In case you missed it, The Weeknd was recently turned into an animated character on American Dad! and during his cartoon appearance, he sang a song about being a virgin, which is the total opposite of any Weeknd song you’ve ever heard.

Now the “Starboy” has doubled down with a response to Lil Uzi Vert saying that he is practicing celibacy so that he can be more creative.

A groupie asked Uzi to fly her out for “some fun” via social media and the Eternal Atake rapper responded, “I don’t really have sex in real life,” even though Uzi admitted to having sex in his “fake life.”

You may be thinking that The Weeknd and Uzi are living on opposite sides of the spectrum but look at it this way, Uzi isn’t having sex and The Weeknd is singing about it…so it’s safe to say The Weeknd found inspiration in Uzi’s realtiy.