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Honey Pot Panty Spray

Source: Honey Pot Co. / HONEY POT

43 days into my COVID-19 self-isolation and there is nothing more important to me than making sure that my personal surroundings are on point. 

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One of the ways I’ve been doing that is by using Honey Pot’s Refreshing Panty Spray ($7.99, on everything but my underwear. Available in lavender and jasmine scents, the spray has all the qualities I love in a beauty product. It’s affordable, portable, and most importantly versatile! 

This product was designed to freshen up your lady parts but the label states it can also be used on other body parts. Once a few pre-social distancing cardio sessions proved that was true I got curious about what else it was capable of.

So I put it to the test by using it on every surface of my life. Today, the 4 oz bottle follows me from room to room spreading calming scents into my sneakers, throughout my closets, on my throw pillows, and on the newspapers I line my trash cans with. I even started spritzing it on the roof of my car. 

The honey Pot

Source: The Honey Pot / The Honey Pot

I’ve rage cleaned every inch of my place nearly a dozen times since outside was canceled on account of coronavirus and each time I don’t feel finished until I infuse the air with some of this panty spray.

The scent lingers without overpowering and because of the brand’s values it doesn’t wreak of suspicious chemicals. 

I’ve converted to the Honey Pot’s tampons and pads as well but this is by far my favorite product from the line and it will always have a permanent place in my home.

Convention be damned, it’s panty dropping time.


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