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ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne says there were three main factors in getting NBA legend Michael Jordan to sign off on The Last Dance documentary that included Adam Silver, LeBron James and Allen Iverson.

Before he became NBA commissioner, Adam Silver was the head of NBA Entertainment in the 1990s and convinced the league of the importance of filming Jordan’s last season in the league.  He also promised Jordan that he would have total control of any documentary that came out in the future.

Then there’s the LeBron James factor; Jordan gave the “okay” to use the footage on the same day LeBron and the Cavaliers were celebrating their 2016 championship with a parade through Cleveland.  Was this a coincidence or did Jordan feel a little healthy rivalry?

The third factor that led to the documentary was Iverson, the documentary about NBA star Allen Iverson.  Jordan loved the documentary so much that he cried.  Once he realized that the same documentary-maker wanted to make The Last Dance, Jordan agreed to the doc.