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If you’re the kind of person who makes it a point to get a facial every six to eight weeks, your skin is probably crying out for the TLC of your aesthetician. And since social distancing is in full effect until further notice, there is no telling when you’ll be reunited with your go-to beauty treatment again.

But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take matters into your own hands. Sure, you may not have the tools the professional use to perfect your complexion, but there are some staples that you can use to give your skin the attention it needs. The first tool we want to suggest is the clay face mask.

Clay face masks are skincare essential for some very good reasons. First off, they are a great way to remove dirt, oil and other impurities from your skin that your cleanser may miss. Depending on the mask, they can also help refine and restructure your skin’s texture, help alleviate redness and acne-prone skin and help reduce the appearance of large pores.

So are you ready to explore the best clay face masks have to offer? Here’s the tea on our favorite clay face masks so you can give your skin the royal treatment right at home.

1. GlamGlow Supermud Charcoal Instant Treatment Mask ($59.00)


If you’re obsessed with skincare, than you’re probably familiar with the brand GLAMGLOW. Known to provide a wide array skin benefits such as brightening, soothing, removing impurities and balancing skin, the brand has become a mainstay in the beauty industry. This clay mask is formulated with six exfoliating acids and charcoal, that work to purify the skin of dirt and impurities from skin for an unforgettable glow.

2. Camille Rose Flora Detox Detox Mask ($19.00)


Camille Rose has been killing the hair game and now she is following suit in the skincare world. With the launch of Face by Camille Rose, the brand has created a garden-inspired skincare line that can be considered food for your skin. With natural ingredients formulated to soothe and repair skin, you can’t go wrong by giving this brand a try. Case in point: this detox mask Packed with vitamins and recharging minerals, this mask gives your skin a glow that shines from within.

3. Ole Henriksen Cold Plunge Pore Mask ($38.00)


Another brand that we can’t get enough of? Ole Henriksen! This brand takes skincare to the next level. With formulas available to suit all skin types, you can count on giving your skin gentle and nourishing cleanse that looks as good as it feels. If you’re ready to put your money where your skin is, this face mask will suit your needs. Made with a blend of active botanicals, this offering gently purifies and smoothes skin.

4. Tata Harper Resurfacing BHA Glow Mask ($65.00)


Step into the lap of luxury with Tata Harper. This brand is all about bringing clean beauty to the masses and their product lines live up to the hype. With high-quality ingredients from around the world, including skin-soothing botanicals without any harsh chemicals, you can expect clean, happy skin with every use. Start off with this clay mask, which sloughs away dead skin cells and absorbs oils to revive and rejuvenate uneven skin.

5. Pure Tropix Jungle Clay Mask $15.00


Speaking of clean beauty, no one quite does it like Pure Tropix! This all-natural beauty brand offers a variety of skincare staples that work to reveal healthy and refreshed skin. With the use of ingredients from the Caribbean that include natural extracts, nutrients, antioxidants, butters and oils, Pure Tropix is committed to giving you healthy skin without the gimmicks. And this face mask is no exception. Designed to target common skincare concerns like redness and acne, this chemical-free offering will give your skin the love it needs without the extra.

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