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50 Cent

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

50 Cent wouldn’t be 50 Cent if he didn’t troll as much as he does.

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Recently, Paul Rosenberg has stepped down as CEO of Def Jam after rocking out for nearly two years in the game and, it seems that someone is already looking to fill his spot.

The rapper turned mogul recently took to twitter to shoot his shot for the newly available position.

“I have decided to take the job at Def Jam. Somebody gotta do it, who better than me?” said the Effin Vodka mogul.

We’re pretty sure Fifty was just trolling per usual, but the idea wouldn’t be bad to consider seeing as though the rapper has had an enormous amount of success in his other business ventures.

Fifty is currently making a huge killing in Hollywood with his Effin vodka and Power Saga.

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