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Lil Yachty’s mother, Venita McCollum, is taking her experience of raising a creative child to the bank with a new book called “Raising A Rapper.”

The book is a step-by-step manual for parents who fear their children entering the entertainment industry. Financial information, as well as legal matters, are detailed in the book.

Yachty confirms that he couldn’t follow his dream of making it in music without the support of his mother, “When I walked across the stage to graduate, I had a plan, and my mom had another plan. But there’s no way I could have really gotten started without her on board—I wasn’t even old enough to sign deals by myself at the time,” says Yachty.

McCollum quit her job and serves as CFO of Lil Boat Sailing Team, Yachty Touring and Boat Boy Publishing. She also has a podcast, The Wrap-Up with Venita and a blog, In The Closet with V. “Raising A Rapper” is available on Amazon and at raisingarapper.com.