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Megan Thee Stallion

Source: Kevin Rawls / Radio One Digital

Megan Thee Stallion really lives that life!

The internet has struck again and they dug up an old mug shot of Megan Thee Stallion. Meg goes on her live to explain the story.

Apparently, the mug shot was from 2015 when she and her ex-boyfriend were at SXSW and she found out that he had not only cheated on her, but he had an entire child who was already about 1 years old, with another woman.

Megan snapped, yelling and going off on him as any girlfriend would and he started pushing her around, smacked her phone out her hand, stepped on it and at that point Megan lost it and started hitting him back.

As soon as she started hitting him, the police arrived not too soon after and all they saw was her “attacking him”. She explained to him she had just found out he cheated and had a baby with a woman.

The police asked if he had hit her and as she claims, being the real woman she is, she said no, and when they asked him, he listed everywhere she had hit him.

Long story short, they cuffed her, put her in the patty wagon and took her to jail.

Meg in hindsight laughingly said it was just a traumatic experience, but she was real life in love with that guy even though it was a toxic relationship, she really loved him and really had her heart broke. She said that’s why she has trust issues with men now.

Check out her mug shot and video below: