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Everyday, these National Days get a little more weird and orthodox. But sometimes they’re too good not to celebrate — like National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

Everyone with a pet knows that eventually they become a part of your family, so why not give them a chance to show off their personal swag but dressing them up for a day, or two…or three.

Some pet owners already have an entire section of clothes solely for  their pups and kits. A 2017 BBC article claims that in the US and UK, the market for clothing for pets is growing.

“In the US, the trend is even more pronounced. While in the UK a retailer like Argos might sell only functional winter jackets for dogs, at a US retailer like Target you can buy everything from a colourful polo shirt to stegosaurus-themed fancy dress costumes.

But when did the pet fashion trend start? The article continued:

“Ancient Greek armies would put leather boots on the feet of their horses to protect them against snow. Police animals can be dressed in fluorescent covers. But now less functional clothing is becoming a boom industry, with boutiques offering all manner of exotic outfits.”

Looks like there’s some history to this adorable day after all. In honor of National Dress Up Your Pet Day, hit the flip for insanely adorable photos of pets dressed up.

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