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Talk about fake news…. President Trump is under fire again after re-tweeting a picture of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer that appeared to be doctored/Photoshopped.

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The picture depicted Pelosi and Schumer in Muslim attire in front of the Iranian flag with the hashtag #Democrat2020 on it.  President Trump re-tweeted the picture from the account name @D0wn_Under to over 70 million users who follow him.  White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham made a statement defending the President saying that the Democrats are “almost taking the side of terrorists.”  Grisham also said “The Democrats and the Fake News are trying to make terrorist Soleimani into a wonderful guy…Anything I do, whether it’s the economy, military, or anything else, will be scorned by the Rafical Left.”  Majority Leader Schumer made a statement about the matter saying, “Republicans: How long can you cover up for and defend the president’s actions?”

Here is the orginal tweet:

And here you can see where Donald Trump re-tweeted the orginal tweet




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