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Source: Black and Mobile / David Cabello

Now of days, many people are dropping the traditional 9-5 to become their own boss.

According to research conducted by Wealth-X, 25 million Americans were starting or already running their own business in 2016.

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But exactly how does one start and maintain a successful business?

C.E.O of Black and Mobile, David Cabello shares exactly how he started the very first black-owned delivery service.

The 24-year-old entrepreneur admits that he first learned how to start a business from watching Youtube videos after dropping out of Shippensburg University in 2016.

“I majored in Business in college, so I always knew that I would become a business owner. I left college because I wanted to help the black community and realized that school couldn’t teach me how to do that.”

The Philly-based native says that he soon discovered his niche in business when he began delivering for UberEats and Postmates, making over $1,100 in under 48 hours.

It was here that he and his twin brother, Aaron set out to create Black and Mobile, which is set to expand to Detriot in 2020.


When asked about the future, Cabello says he already has his eye on establishing his delivery service to larger cities like New York and Atlanta.

“I started this business at the age of 21 and, now I have over 500 people signed up to work for me.”

Check out Cabello’s tips on how to start a business in the latest episode of Twenty-Something below. Also, support his business by downloading the fast-food delivery app.

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