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Tami Roman Bald Personal Injury Court

Source: Personal Injury Court / Personal Injury Court


Poor Tami Roman!

The Basketball Wives reality star has suffered some pretty serious hair loss, but she’s not going down without a fight. She’s hitting back by sharing her story.

On the Nov. 19 episode of Personal Injury Court, the 49-year-old opened up to Judge Gino Brogdon, telling him that a hair color mishap caused a scalp infection that led to her tresses falling out.

“Oh chile [sic], let me tell you,” the Bonnet Chronicles Queen says.

“I’ve dyed my hair most of my life because I greyed early. So, I went to my stylist and I said, ‘I want you to take my hair to platinum blonde,’ and he said, ‘You know, it’s going to be difficult.’ And I said, ‘I still want it.’ And, six weeks later, all the hair fell out. I wanted what I wanted and now I’m bald.”

That’s out of nowhere Tami snatches her wig off her head to reveal super short platinum blonde fade with (gasp)…bald sides!

“OK. You’re gonna get what you want,” she quips.

Chile, take a look at this clip:


Now, back in September, we knew something was going on when she shared a picture of herself on social media with a short blond teeny weeny afro.

“Went from black to blonde, lost a lot but it’s just hair,” she captioned in a photo of herself looking pretty amazing.

“I’m taking this opportunity to start over…natural hair journey begins!”


Now while Tami wasn’t suing anyone, the woman who was, Tracy Adams, not only got her day in court but some justice too! Due to her severe hair loss due to botched extensions, the judge ruled in her favor against Cheryl “The Weaving Queen” Brown.

Brown was ordered to pay $480,000 for her past medical bills, future treatment and for her pain and suffering.

Ladies, please be careful out there in these weave streets!


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