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Alicia Keys took to her Instagram to rant about an incident that happened with her 4 year old  son.

They were at the nail salon together when he requested rainbow nails.

The nail tech gets him various colors and paints his nails different colors as he requested.

After his nails were done, he looked at them and said he didn’t want the polish on his nails.

Alicia asked him why and he said that people are not gonna like it.

She tells him that people will like it and that he should stick with it because he chose it, and he liked it.

She also told him that a lot of guys paint their nails. That made him happy.

She goes on to say in her video that there are masculine and there are feminine energies inside of us all.

Many people left her comments including husband Swizz Beats who said, he’s a young King and he can explore and express his creativity at anytime. We support it as his parents.