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Wendy Williams‘ career in media has spanned over 20 years — and the fast talking, abrasive, Jersey girl is still the same old “say it like you mean it” Wendy from back in her radio days.

People have been complaining for years about how Wendy is trash because of her opinionated persona. But the gag is, she has the highest rated morning talk show, which means folks are tuning in just to see the madness unfold.

Most recently, Nicki Minaj called out the talk show host for being “demonic” and critical about the rapper’s recent nuptials.

Wendy wasn’t always on TV and safe from getting hands put on her by pissed off celebs. Once upon a time, it was just her, her guest and a mic. But that still didn’t stop the media queen from coming at peoples’ necks.

Hit the flip to check out some of the many time Ms. Williams almost got her behind handed to her on a platter.


Decades Of Shade: All The Times Wendy Williams (Almost) Got Cursed Out  was originally published on globalgrind.com

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