Philadelphia Eagles Safety Malcolm Jenkins organized a town hall in Philly to access the community’s needs and the city wants to see from Philly’s next Police Commissioner. Jenkins organized 3 panels at the Community College of Philadelphia that consisted of himself, rapper Meek Mill and other city officials to discuss what has worked and what has not worked when it comes to police and civilian interactions. Mina SayWhat was there to document the town hall. The conversations focused on:

  • The stop and frisk that continues in the Philadelphia streets and how it disproportionately targets people of color
  • Documented misconducted by current police officers who are not disciplined for their actions and remain on the streets
  • Civilian complaints that are unheard and ignored
  • Police force apathy when it comes to issues plaguing the community and helping the community as a whole
  • The failure of the department to enforce punishment when an office is found of wrong doing and the police union’s (FOP) ability to fight and get punishments overturned
  • The FOP’s contract with the city and some of the unacceptable terms in the contract (ability to appeal police officer punishments up to 3 times)
  • Officers who have had multiple civilian complaints of excessive force still being on the street
  • The school to prison pipeline that exists in the schools and how police officers are stationed at schools and able to give kids criminal records and get them locked up for things that are done in school
  • The presence of more police offers in schools and the lack of social workers and psychologists to help the kids navigate difficult home situations

Philadelphia’s next Police Commissioner will have to navigate these concerns and hopefully find a solution.

Check out some articles and clips below and you watch the whole thing on Tidal who streamed the entire Town Hall HERE.







Credit: Bill Andrews

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