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Alleged 6ix9ine kidnapper, Anthony “Harv” Ellison, is finally speaking out in a statement given to Complex by his representative, Camille Cushman. The statement claims that several “incongruous story elements” are littered throughout the government’s case.

Ellison’s rep says that he was promised he would be “home within weeks” if he testified to the government’s version of events instead of his own and agree that the kidnapping was “business, not personal.”

Ellison continues to say that the kidnapping was staged by 6ix9ine in order to gain public sympathy, which he had lost after trolling many on social media. The government argued that Ellison’s story wasn’t believable as Tekashi would be “embarrassed” by a staged kidnapping.

The statement says the government is also relying on the jurors’ bias on gang culture rather than the facts. “They’ve been forcing puzzle pieces together that clearly don’t fit,” says Cushman.